Greyhound racing is a popular form of animal racing for many punters. In fact over the last decade the popularity of the sport has been increasing steadily. More gambling tracks are being built and the attendances to race events have been growing steadily, as has the amount of money that punters are now spending on greyhound race events.

One of the reasons for the growing popularity of greyhounds is because you can find a race on every day of the week. There are quite a few well known greyhound race tracks in the UK now such as Belle Vue, Brighton, Crayford Glasgow, Oxford, Nottingham, Reading, and many more. These race tracks are just the tip of the iceberg and there are many more that are popular for race events throughout the UK.

Every night during the week there will be greyhound racing at a race track throughout the UK. This makes it easy for punters to gamble on the sport and it’s a large reason why it’s gradually becoming more and more popular. You’ll even sometimes find people who are more likely to bet on the greyhounds than horses and this is not something anyone in the gambling industry would of predicted ten years ago.

Greyhound racing was not something that started in the UK. It actually started in America and was brought across the Atlantic and it was embraced by punters in the UK. Now greyhound racing is one of the most popular animal racing events in the UK and it’s only going to keep growing popular.

At the rate things are going in this meeting, Vernet, Font-Romeu and Amélie-les-Bains’s casinos are condemned to disappear from casino and deposit bonus casino landscape. Evidence is painted in Jean Peyrat’s face, the boss of the first casino; admittedly, the issue is getting serious. The man called his two other colleagues and Mrs Mireille Bossy, the Sub-Prefect of Prades for an emergency meeting as even the best casino bonuses can’t resolve this case. In fact, the last three independent casinos in this region of France have huge debt loads.

The discussion has as main focus the rescue of the three gaming rooms. Worse, they are under judicial placement; this is an additional issue which overshadows the chances of finding solution. Without aid or any financial supports from the authorities or other gambling operators, their establishments would have to close their doors in the next few months. Desperate, Jean Peyrat is facing a great deal of impasse. He reportedly invested all his money to Vernet’s casino.

One of the best bets you can place for World Cup betting is picking who the highest scoring team will be. You can choose to pick what team you think will be the highest scoring team in the whole tournament or even what team will score the most goals in each individual match. We are now at the quarter finals of the tournament so this is a great bet to place. The reason why is because there is some high scoring teams still playing in this tournament.

This whole tournament in general has been a high scoring event and it’s not over yet. A team that is renowned for its attacking flair, style, and flamboyance, is still playing in the tournament in Brazil. This Brazilian team is just like all the Brazilian teams we have seen in the past. Full of free flowing football with many scoring chances being created so if you wanted to place a bet on who the highest scoring team will be, this is a great one to choose.

There are plenty of other high scoring teams you can bet on though especially Argentina. Any team that has Lionel Messi playing for them has a good chance of scoring lots of goals so this would be another great bet you could place for World Cup betting. When looking to bet on who the highest scoring team, look for the teams that are very offensive in their style of play. This is the easiest way to pick the highest scoring team in World Cup betting.

The feast days are prepared in Barcelona and amateurs of poker are already languishing to know who will be the successor of the Belarussian Mikalai Pobal on the podium of the Estrellas Poker Tour. It will be soon the season of the greatest poker festival of Spain, because from next August 28th to September 7th, the poker room of Gran Casino’s annex, at Hotel Arts, will host the 10th Season of the European Poker Tour, associated with the famous Barcelona poker tournament.

It will be 11 feast days in Barcelona, in order to determine the next champion of the Spanish poker festival. The Main Event is planned to start in September 1st until the end of the festivities in September 7th, with the one of the 4th season of the European Synchronized Poker Tournament. If last year the event could gather up to 1,000 poker players, the very moderate buy-in of €5,300 of this season will encourage more enthusiasts. The kickoff of next August 28th is a not to be missed event.

Undoubtedly, all online poker players wish to participate in a freeroll tournament. If you are new to the word “freeroll”, note that we are talking here about an online tournament that does not require any buy-in or entry fee… FREE. For professional poker players, it is the best chance to earn some thousands of Euros, without paying anything; rewards that players can see only in international poker tournaments live. For beginners, expectations are clear: learn how to master poker in order to become a professional poker player like Phil Ivey or Chris Moneymaker.

Although it is said you do not need to pay anything to participate in this kind of online poker tournament, there are some terms and conditions required by online poker rooms; all based on players’ loyalty, in general. Most of the times, players are required to play some hands with real money to be considered. It consists of accumulating loyalty points.

Online casinos give us the desire to play at anytime. Certainly, it is due to the seductive super bonus they offer to players. And even, they propose many different kinds of it. The first time you come to play online, a welcome bonus is automatically credited into your account. You don’t need to pay money to get it; just a simple registration as a new member. Once you are ready to play for real and you do your first deposit, another bonus which may come up to 200% of your total amount is available in your account. Note that if you are a good player, you can earn up to a million dollar right away by taking advantage of bonuses you get from your online gaming room. You can continue to play until you get what you expected from the online casino; a very good way for you to take advantage of some other bonuses called “loyalty bonuses”.

Seven Card Stud Poker is a poker variation with a very long history. It is one of the oldest games around and is used be the most popular poker variation until it was kicked from its throne by Texas Hold’em. This is definitely not to say that Seven Card Stud is an endangered specie. In contrary, seven card stud poker is still very popular. Particularly online.

Probably the most remarkable aspect of seven card stud is the ‘ante’. An ante is a small bet (about 10%) from the blinds and is mandatory for all players. Placing your ante is one of the first things you do after joining a table. All the players get dealt three cards: one open and the other faced down. The open card is also called ‘third street’. The player with the lowest third street is to place the ‘bring-in-bet’. For example: if you are at a $3/$6 table where the ante is $0,75 then the bring-in-bet should be $1,65 to make it as big as the total deposit. However this is all down to the player himself and the confidence he has in his card or his bluffing strategy.


We have been anticipating a huge surge in mobile online gambling popularity and this means we shall also be seeing a surge in the amount of online Casino Bet operators offering these services, if they have not gone live with them yet or updating them if they have. offers sports betting, casino, poker and games online and is launching a new upgraded integrated sports betting product with mobile by developer Mobenga. We will see this being rolled out in the second quarter of 2011! They have identified “mobile betting” as a key are for additional growth during 2011, which is basically the same news as we have been seeing just about every online gambling outlet.

Sports betting contributed the largest growth vector of any form of mobile gambling for 2010 – hopefully for operators this means the customer has caught on and growth will become exponential. Mobenga has already got brands such as Paddy Power, Unibet, NordicBet, Betclic, Tote Tasmania, Atlantisbet and Probability up and going advanced mobile in terms of smart phone applications. In fact they have helped Paddy Power launch three mobile applications so far. Mobenga is also Swedish and Stan James uses Net Entertainment software for their online casino – these developers are also from Sweden.

Comments from Stan James cited that the updated mobile service is an extension of their live in-play and sports book betting product and will interface with the latest range of smart phones and mobile handsets. Sports content includes statistics, live scores, live-in-play betting and news for football, horse racing and other sports too. The point of the Mobenga partnership with Stan James is to attempt to replicate their online offering as a complete mobile solution.

Mobile sports bettors tend to be a slightly different animal to the typical online casino player and therefore require a specific product. It is safe to say that most sports bettors have access to playing online, satellite TV and all the gadgetry that goes with placing an online bet. In many instances however sports bettors are very social animals too and spend more time out at the tote, the pub or the match in the company of their friends, than in from of their TV or PC. Availing them the convenience of simply picking up their smart phone and placing a bet, means they don’t have to be bothered with any of the normal paraphernalia of specifically placing a distance bet online.

The more avid fans are, the more information they want at their fingertips. Sports betting is not a random activity, the more informed a bettor is, the better his/her chances of winning will be and this can reach quite substantial levels of complexity. There are all kinds of things to consider, even up to and including post-match analysis. The Stan James/Mobenga solution has considered all of these factors and more and will offer a comprehensive portfolio for the armchair bettor or the player who wagers when constantly on the move. Customers are to be provided with an exciting experience and international mobile sports content.

Video poker, baccarat, blackjack belongs to the family of card games having many variations and forms. It is played between several players. If you want to practice these game in a rather special atmosphere, the virtual playroom Casino Riva is the site that will give you total satisfaction, a place where you can also find big jackpots. You’ll find all the tips and techniques through the casino Academy section if you are a beginner, so you can learn everything in a few minutes. Welcome bonus offered there are also bigger than in any online casino in the web and it can let you play for real money. Every day, for each action you do, various casino bonus suggested by Casino Riva after your deposit and your game can be pocketed. As a responsible play room, the site also offers full support to let you play at the best conditions wherever you are, 24 hours/24 and 7days / 7. For all questions, 30 minutes at most is enough for Casino Riva team to answer you if you send an email.

Playing bingo online is no more just about the numbered balls and grids. Online bingo sites offers a still growing variety of side games, too, which present a welcome distraction to a player who might be waiting for the next round in his favourite lounge on his favourite bingo website, or just looks for something to relax at after several continuous hours of crossing numbers. Microgaming, one of the biggest world casino and betting games developer, announced a new line of bingo side games this month. All of them are slot machines with tens of ways to win and fun features like bonus games or the option to retrigger free spins. Reel Gems, Magnificent 777 or the Germinator, all are new attractive names of those irresistible slot machines you can soon start looking for at online bingo sites.